Integration of Technology and Organization Design

Have you signed up for our webinar?

We have already a large group of STS practitioners eager to start the conversation that will continue in San Francisco.  We will explore the relationship between Organization Design and Information Systems design.

Eli Berniker, one of the facilitators of this webinar says:

Tthe digital world seems enormously plastic with regard to technological challenges. That is because the digital world is not governed by nature; it is governed by human logic. 

Information Systems will always need human backup and, given growing complexity, that back up will be by groups or teams. That leads to the agenda of our discussion questions: How do we design human organizations that will utilize complex IS to do the organizations work?

How do we design participation, autonomy, and effective teamwork under the conditions imposed by IS?

How can IS be architected to support the continuous creation of knowledge?

Click here to find all the details of the webinar, and to join us on June 15, 2016 at 13:00 EDT.



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