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Designing Adaptive Ecosystems


In the last decades, the way we perceive organizations has changed radically. Organizations are no longer isolated units, and the relationships among the different parts, partners, stakeholders and the community are shifting as well.

Join Don de Guerre and Peter Aughton in this webinar that will help you better understand the ecosystem model and how to redesign your organization. 

This seminar will discuss the design of business ecosystems using OST and its methods. To begin the conversation, Peter  Aughton will present his recent work with Merrelyn Emery, and the rationale and process of setting up a healthcare ecosystem.

About Don de Guerre:  After a distinguished international career as a consultant and manager working in the private, public service, and non-profit sectors, Dr. de Guerre is an Associate Professor at Concordia University. His major area of interest is the development of participative governance and organization and the further development of open systems theory. He teaches in the domains of human systems intervention and action research and consulting process.

And Peter Aughton: CEO of The Cadel Group, leads the team that specializes in designing and implementing Business Ecosystems, which are the new drivers of customer value in today’s connected World. Peter is also a director of AMERIN Pty Ltd., an action research consulting firm that applies Open Systems Theory and Socio-technical Systems to develop sustainable ecosystems and organisations characterized by high levels of motivation, innovation and performance.

 Don’t miss this webinar on April 5th, 12.00 to 1.30 EDT

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