Membership in the STS/RT is open to all interested individuals who pay the annual membership fee and participate in Roundtable activities.

Members are committed to:

  1. High quality working lives in workplaces everywhere
  2. Developing productive workplaces that treat all resources as irreplaceable
  3. Providing innovative solutions to enterprise problems through action research
  4. Sharing knowledge and fostering learning with client organizations and each other
  5. Supporting each other and maintaining a spirit of community among members across the globe

Ongoing Collaboration

Roundtable members from around the globe actively collaborate with, and support, one another on research, education and  action learning projects of interest between annual community meetings. This website and blog provides capability for information exchange and global collaboration as well as access to thought-provoking research, case studies and action research projects.

Creating better places to work, places that work better

STS Roundtable members sponsor, lead, support and learn from the application of STS principles and practices in workplaces around the world. The application of STS principles and practices has historically resulted in high performance organizations that are innovative, empowering and successful across all industries, labor union alliances, international NGOs, non-profits, research organizations and government.

Membership Dues

Membership includes: invitation to the annual STS Roundtable learning community meeting with discounted meeting fee; access to Roundtable intranet and publications; opportunities for participation in virtual meetings and collaborative research, learning and consulting projects and access to job opportunities posted on the STS/RT Forum.

You can either pay through Paypal (either as a guest or with your Paypal account), or by check.

       or  Pay by Check$500 (US) 2018 Annual Organizational Membership (Unlimited persons from one organization – up to 3 voting members)

    or  Pay by Check
$200 (US) 2018 Annual STS Roundtable membership

  or  Pay by Check
$50 (US) 2018 Annual  Full-time student membership

  or  Pay by Check
$50 (US) 2018 Annual Emeritus membership (For persons retired from full-time employment)
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