This is the  ‘GLO.WIN’—the Global Organization for Work Innovation Manifesto, signed in September of 2015, by members of the Global STS Design Network, EUWIN, IWOT, the European Organization Design Forum (EODF), and individual practitioners in Appreciative Inquiry, Lean Organization and other methodologies.

Click on the icon to download the complete document (PDF).


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3 thoughts on “GLO.WIN MANIFESTO”

  1. Is this a final edited document? Let me suggest that it needs some very serious editing, at least in the English version.

  2. Hi Lawrence,

    Thank you for your comment. I’ve submitted it to Bert Painter. We will contact you.



  3. Larry – yes!! I agree. We loose important momentum when we leave such rough first drafts out there in the internet.
    I think the author was Joe Norton – but Im not sure. So I wouldnt want to step on any ones toes.
    But if you were willing and the original author feels he/she has done all they could, Id be happy to partner with you to make it more presentable and hopefully meaningful.

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