GE Bromont Site Visit – 1

This article is part of a series of reflections on the Global Network Annual Conference. To view the previous article, click here.

During the 2014 Conference we had the amazing opportunity to visit GE Bromont, part of GE Aviation and the only GE plant designed using STS principles. It has been highly successful since its creation in the mid-90s .    This plant is located in Bromont, Quebec, a small French-speaking community, 85 km from Montreal.  They manufacture cutting-edge motors for commercial aircraft, military, marine, business and general aviation.

GE Bromont also hosts the GE Aviation Global Robotics, Automation and Instrumentation R&D Centre, and has not only contributed to the economic development of Bromont, but it has also hired approximately 100 workers since 1997.

We were welcomed by Philippe Simonato, the plant manager, who explained the culture, history and achievements of GE Bromont. GE employees gave us a tour for the plant and we had the opportunity to ask questions, observe their processes and the plant operation, and finally we had lunch in small groups were we continued talking about processes, technology, human systems and innovation.

We will have for you our reflections on the visit, as well as information obtained through interviews with experts on Socio-technical systems.

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