The team was formed to deliver on a grant from the National Science Foundation – A Sociotechnical Systems Study of Virtual R&D Organizations.  The STS Roundtable co-sponsored this effort with The University of Illinois at Champaign Urbana. A major presentation of preliminary findings was delivered at the Academy of Management as well as at the Conference Board and STS/RT Annual Meeting in Boston in 2013.

During 2014-15, the findings were applied in support of work at a prominent North American research laboratory. Then, final results of the research were Team Performance Management: An International Journal.

The VOSS Team focused on three key areas of inquiry:

1. What is the nature of optimal deliberations in virtual R&D projects?

  1. Distinguishing characteristics of effective deliberations and virtual forums
  2. How the nature of virtual platforms affects quality/effectiveness of deliberations

2. What differentiates successful deliberations?

  1. Impact of spatial locatedness and  temporality on success
  2. Impact of the degree of virtuality and telepresence on quality of deliberations across R&D continuum
  3. Sources of variances, errors, delays and factors accounting for their control or correction

3. What is the impact of structure and organization on deliberation success?

  1. How different organizational arrangements influence the design of deliberations
  2. To what extent the way that deliberations are assembled and managed acts as intervening variables in control of variances and delays in virtual R&D


This is a repository of the papers, case studies, and presentations produced by the VOSS NSF—STS/RT research project. Individual links would attach to:

TED Talk – Painter – VOSS Team Results
from STSRoundtable

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