The purpose of the STS Writing Roundtable is to advance STS theory and practice, to encourage and support writing about STS and dissemination of our writing, to be a collective resource to members, and to create value for the STS Roundtable and ourselves. We meet quarterly via tele-conference to share and seek feedback on individual and collective writing projects in the context of discussions about members’ proposed and current projects, issues of audience and distribution, and bringing STS concepts and practices to new audiences and constituencies.

We provide the following services to the members of the STS Roundtable:

1. Practitioners:

  • Practitioner mentoring: a less experienced practitioner is looking for the support of a more experienced practitioner in regards to a publishing project pertaining to their practice of STS
  • Ad hoc peer support from the members of the Writing Team for practitioners that wish to publish on their practice of STS

2. Academics:

  • Mentoring for junior academics seeking support from a more experienced academic (the intent is to create a long term relationship)
  • Ad hoc support for academics writing papers:
    • i. First reader service : Selected from a roster of available volunteers
    • ii. Second/Specialist reader service (based on specific needs pertaining the publishing project)

Draft Protocol – To be tested over the next 3 months
STS Roundtable members may access these services by:

  1. Contacting any member of the Writing Team or the coordinator, Jean Fuller
    a. The person contacted within the Writing Team becomes the liaison between the writer and the Writing Team.
    b. Any material shared by the writer is treated as confidential and we commit to not use or publish it without the writer’s consent
    c. Particular needs are defined and passed on to the members of the Writing
  2. At its next scheduled meeting, the needs of the writer are discussed by the Writing Team and a proposal is developed aimed at meeting the writer’s need(s)
  3. We could also invite the writer to be part of the discussion with the members of the Writing Team.
  4. Getting the resources from the roster or otherwise
  5. The liaison person is responsible for communicating this proposal
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