This team is driving towards producing a book and articles tentatively called A World We All Design. The focus is on three levels of systems within which we as designers find ourselves working — individual firms, networks of enterprises and larger coalitions or ecosystems dealing with societal issues — as well as their corresponding organizational forms:

  • Firm level of analysis and design —
    Vertically-integrated Decentralized Organization (VIDO)
  • Network level of analysis and design —
    Value realization network (VRN)
  • Societal level of analysis and design —
    Issues-Based Eco-System (IBES)

We are exploring the different value propositions, high leverage design elements, design processes and some tools and methods utilized at the firm, network and societal levels of design. While grounded in open sociotechnical systems theory, we have integrated design thinking, appreciative inquiry and other perspectives to develop these new design processes.

Team Members:

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Co-Founder of the Global STS Design Network