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My reflections on SF 2016

It seems like yesterday but almost 3 months have passed since our meeting in San Francisco.  I’d like to share my experience and invite you to send us your own reflections. We would love to share them with the rest of the members of the Socio Technical Systems Roundtable.

You’ll find my reflections, as well as Adam’s and Sonja’s insights in this file, which can also be found with the rest of the reflections, on this page. 

All the best to you in this 2017!


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Learnings from the 2014 Meeting of the Global Socio-Technical Systems Network


A group of students and graduates from the Human Systems Intervention M.A. program at Concordia University in Montreal attended the 2014 Meeting of the Global Socio-Technical Systems Network and met several times after the conference to discuss their learning and experiences.

They selected a number of striking moments — moments when something struck them as profound, exciting, insightful or emotional, something they will remember — and wrote a short description of that moment and what it meant to them. In this way they captured as much as possible of the whole experience, getting at the essence of why the Global Network is of such high value.

We will be posting their reflections weekly here on this blog site, in the sequence of the unfolding of the conference.


The topics of the students’ reflections were:

If you attended the conference, please feel free to enrich the posts with your comments and share with us what you enjoyed of our meeting.

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