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Save the date: Leiden 2018

What is going on in “Technology @Work in the 21st Century”?
Find out more in Leiden, The Netherlands  during our next conference. 
Save the dates:
   Pre-conference workshop: Tuesday Sept. 4, 2018
   Global STS Network Meeting: Wednesday Sept. 5 – Friday Sept. 7,  including STS RT AGM
Conference theme: “Technology @Work in the 21st Century”
In the pipeline: Festival week in cooperation with IWOT (community on teamwork) and EODF (community of organization designers)
Stay tuned for more information!
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More Recommended Readings

Are you ready for our annual conference at Rutgers University next week?  We are!

Please, find more recommended readings in our website, as they will help you better understand and discuss the topics of the sessions.

We’re looking forward to meeting you and have great conversations on how to Design Collaborative Ecosystems!

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Call for PhD/MSc Workshop: “Researching Sociotechnical Systems”

“Designing Collaborative Ecosystems”

2017 Annual STS Roundtable & Global STS Design Network in partnership with Rutgers’ Center for Collaboration in Work & Society and Rutgers’ Center for Work & Health

Rutgers University: September 12—15, 2017

Pre-conference workshops: September 12, 2017

Pre-conference Workshop for PhD and MSc students

“Researching Sociotechnical Systems”

The future of sociotechnical systems (STS) research and design is in the hands of the younger generation. STS is an approach to complex organizational work design with a shared emphasis on achievement of both excellence in performance and quality in people’s work

lives. Investing in the next generation of researchers is an important instrument to increase the quality of STS research, and to promote further theoretical development of STS concepts.

Objective of the workshop

The objective of the workshop is to help PhD and Masters students design and execute their dissertation plans and provide them with feedback from senior academics and from the other participants. Graduate students in every stage of their dissertation research are welcome to participate. The call is aimed at students whose research is STS based; yet students researching organizations or organizational networks from other perspectives, who are interested in the possible added value of an STS approach to their research, are also very welcome. Possible research topics include work design, teamwork, organizational networks, business ecosystems, digital transformation, automation, management, task  division, coordination, worker participation, collaboration, governance, quality of working life, and organizational performance. Possible research settings include, but are not limited to: health and social care, information technology, manufacturing, education, public sector and unions. The focus of the workshop is on ‘doing research’, by addressing STS and organization design issues in a scientifically grounded way. The workshop offers PhD and Masters students a unique possibility to present and discuss, receive feedback, and exchange comments and views on their research in an inspiring community of fellow graduate students and experienced researchers active in the Global STS Design Network. The Roundtable is pleased to provide this workshop at NO charge to successful applicants.

Outline of the workshop

The half-day workshop will start with a brief keynote presentation on “Researching  Sociotechnical Systems”. The workshop is organized primarily around participative interaction. The participants are expected to write a short paper on their research in advance, and act as active contributors. Each short paper will be assigned to a fellow  student and to a senior discussant. Participants will be asked to present their short paper after which the two discussants will lead a group discussion.

The following scholars organize the workshop and will participate as discussants. Other names of discussants will be added later.

– Ezra Dessers, Assistant Professor, Centre for Sociological Research, KU Leuven, Belgium.

– Adrienne E. Eaton, Professor, Labor Studies & Employment Relations Department, Rutgers University, USA.

– Don De Guerre, Associate Professor, Applied Human Sciences, Concordia University, Canada.

Due date for application is June 15, 2017

Please submit your application for participation in the workshop by sending (1) a motivation letter, explaining the topic of your research, and what you expect to learn from the workshop, and (2) a short paper (2500 words max), in which you either present an overview of your dissertation plan, or focus on a specific part of your research (e.g. research questions, conceptual model, case description, preliminary results, etc.). Submissions should be sent by email, no later than June 15, 2017. The submissions will be reviewed, and notification of the decision can be expected by June 30, 2017. All accepted short papers will be published on the STS Roundtable website. Interested  participants will be invited to write a contribution for a forthcoming book on organizational networks in health and social care. In addition to the workshop, participants can submit a proposal for a poster at the conference.

Workshops and conference

The 2017 Annual STS Roundtable & Global STS Design Network conference, in partnership with Rutgers’ Center for Collaboration in Work & Society and Rutgers’ Center for Work & Health, will be held at Rutgers University: September 12—15, 2017—see:


The workshop is part of the pre-conference workshops, which will also be held at Rutgers University: September 12, 2017. We would encourage all workshop participants to join us for the entire conference if possible so everyone can benefit from ongoing dialogue throughout the conference with academics, practitioners, union leaders and managers. A reduced conference fee is available for students. If necessary, students may also apply for financial support – contact us.

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An idea can change everything

This week I had the opportunity to participate in a “preview” of  the webinar  Applying Social-Political-Technical Design to any Purpose no Matter How Complex with Bill Smith, and I can say, I’m truly excited about it!

Bill’s ideas are really innovative, and I’m really looking forward to hear more about how every system can be understood in terms of purpose and power, and how we can design more effective interventions.  Join the Socio Technical Systems community on March 22nd at noon EST!


Webinar Invitation


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2017 Roundtable – Call for Proposals

We want to hear from you!


The 2017 Annual STS Roundtable & Global STS Design Network date is getting closer and we want to invite you to share with us your ideas about

Designing Collaborative Ecosystems


either in the form of a Presentation or a Case Study Workshop.

Here you can find all the relevant details to submit your ideas.

Please, send us your  Ideas for Proposals before April 15th, 2017, and help us maximize the active participation of Roundtable attendees, through  interactive group sessions and deliberations.

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My reflections on SF 2016

It seems like yesterday but almost 3 months have passed since our meeting in San Francisco.  I’d like to share my experience and invite you to send us your own reflections. We would love to share them with the rest of the members of the Socio Technical Systems Roundtable.

You’ll find my reflections, as well as Adam’s and Sonja’s insights in this file, which can also be found with the rest of the reflections, on this page. 

All the best to you in this 2017!


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Webinar reminder

This is a reminder for tomorrow’s webinar

“Hindsight, Insight and Foresight: What is the Future of SocioTechnical Systems Design”

This webinar is free to all active members of the Global STS-D Network. To read more and sign-up for the webinar, please click here.  And to know more about the book and order it, please visit this page.

We would love to hear from you! Join us on November 8th from 12.00 pm to 1.30 pm EST, and share with us your thoughts and reflections on the evolution of organization design and work systems.

If you have already signed-up, we will be sending you the link to the session shortly.


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Summary of the session with Ed Schein & Stu Winby in Silicon Valley

Our colleague Mary Winby kindly wrote for us the Summary of the session we had with Ed Schein and Stu Winby, after our tour for Silicon Valley.

Click here to read Ed Schein’s observations, the key themes related to STS and Digital Technology and find the pictures and graphic  recording pieces that summarize our experience.

Thank you Stu and the Spring team for hosting us at Quadrus!

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Deliberation Notes

Please note that we have uploaded the pictures of the flip charts shared by each table during the Deliberations.

Click on this link to access each deliberation document  (you will be able to edit or download the shared document).

If you would like to invite other participants to discuss a topic, feel free to post on this blog or send us your reflections and we will post them for you.

As time allows, we will continue sharing  more memories of the conference.


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Roundtable Reflections

Some of our colleagues (Dave Roitman, Carolyn Ordowich and Concordia University students coordinated by Don de Guerre), have written and compiled Roundtable Reflections from different Roundtable meetings.

As part of the 30th year anniversary, we want to share them with you. Please click here to read what participants learned during the meetings in 1987, 2000, 2004,  2008, 2011 and 2014, as well as the story of the Virtual Community.   These are really valuable documents, for anyone wanting to understand and appreciate our evolution as a “community of practice”.



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