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Last call for Early Registration fees

We are looking forward to seeing you at the Socio Technical Systems Roundtable in Rutgers University: New Brunswick, NJ.   If you wish to take advantage of the reduced fee for early registration, you must register by June 30th, 2017.

Please visit the registration page and get ready to join us in September 12 -15 !

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Reflections from the STS Roundtable Conference

“As a student, it was an amazing experience to be exposed to all of the attendees, their experience and knowledge and their thought processes. As one of our faculty stated, we were “drinking learning through a fire house” which is totally how I feel. I’m still processing all I learned!”  

 Sonja Drown, a Masters candidate in Organization Development from Sonoma State University

Please, send us your reflections or add them directly here.



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Adam’s Experience of the STS Roundtable

We’re happy to share the link to Adam Redshaw‘s account of the STS Roundtable meeting in San Francisco. Please, click here to read it and recall the great moments and discussions we shared.

Also, if you want to send us your reflections, insights or any other comments, please, contact us!

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New reading material has been added


We have added more Recommended Reading for San Francisco:

One for the pre-Meeting ½ day Workshop on “An Appreciative Review of Socio-Technical Systems Thinking”:

  • North American Design of Nonroutine Work Systems (1980s—1990s) – Douglas Austrom and Carolyn Ordowich

And 2 new case studies to the Deliberation C section.

  • Minimalist Design in Complex Adaptive Systems: A Case Study in a Consumer Co-Op  by Dave Roitman
  • Satellite Healthcare: Case Study in Digital Strategy & STS Design by  Stu Winby and Dean Hovey

Please, visit the  Recommended Reading page to find them.

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Are you ready for San Francisco?

The date is getting closer and we’re excited to see the list of our colleagues that have already registered for our meeting in September!

Here is the link to several interesting articles and material that will help you prepare for the different activities of our meeting. 

If you haven’t registered yet, please, do it soon and help us make of this event an amazing experience!

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This is the  ‘GLO.WIN’—the Global Organization for Work Innovation Manifesto, signed in September of 2015, by members of the Global STS Design Network, EUWIN, IWOT, the European Organization Design Forum (EODF), and individual practitioners in Appreciative Inquiry, Lean Organization and other methodologies.

Click on the icon to download the complete document (PDF).


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Sorry to resend again, this time with a correction.

Testimonial by Ray Dyck

The Leuven Festival was a great opportunity to become aware of and explore new approaches to workplace innovation across  multiple  industry sectors. So many passionate people, new concepts and stimulating discussions in various forums made this a very energizing experience for me. New possibilities for the work I do came into focus.

The launch of GLOWIN was a crowning event, realizing dreams established many years ago. Finally,  having the opportunity to meet up with old friends and make new ones from across the world, connected by our passion – very special indeed.

Many thanks to all of those who had  a hand in organizing the Festival!

P.S. Have you registered for our next webinar on December 10th, 12.00 pm EST?  Don’t miss the chance to discuss how Social Media can be used for Organizational Transformation!

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The Festival of Connecting proved a great opportunity to meet so many people who work in many different ways towards a common goal of making organisations work better, as well as organise work better to enhance multiple value creation for the multitude of stakeholders, including our planet.
Kind Regards,
Hans Lekkerkerk

P.S. Don’t forget to register for our next webinar on December 10th, 12.00 pm


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Reflections on Leuven’s 2015 Festival of Connecting

By Bernard Mohr

On the day after the end of the festival I found myself in Bruges, Belgium with Benedict Monroe from Montreal, Ron Smith from Houston and my soon-to-become-later-on-the-trip-fiancé Karin Wagner (yes, her fathers name is Richard 🙂 . Slaloming  amidst an unexpected mid-september throng of fellow tourists we shared laughter, disappointments and mostly delights about the Festival. This day of shared cultural “gawking” and reminiscing was itself a delicious treat – as is often the case when we take time with friends to make sense of shared experiences.

The “gong” used by various people to call sessions to order was definitely the biggest any of us had ever seen or heard – worthy of inclusion in a Pat Moriarity “karate kid” film ! Highlights of the week for me included the summaries of progress by EUWIN (European Work Innovation Network) presenters as well as the largely symbolic signing of the Manifesto for GLOWIN (Global Organization and Work Innovation Network)… I say symbolic because those of us that signed it did so largely on faith since the text was in such small font as to require a 100 power microscope to read it :-)!

Of course (and I realize this is somewhat self promotional) I cherished the opportunity to distribute the flyer announcing the upcoming publication of “Co-Creating Humane and Innovative Organizations: Evolutions in the Practice of Socio-Technical Systems Design” as the first tangible “product” of the recently formed Global STS-D Network.

Thanks to all who helped and participated – particularly our european hosts !



Would you like to share your experience or pictures? Please, send them to us!

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