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Purpose and meaning of Designing Social Ecosystems – Bernard Mohr, Don de Guerre, Jung ook KIM


Exploring the Design of & broader impact of the Gaming Ecosystem – Joe Norton


Reducing Complexity to deal with Complexity – Dealing with Power Interventions vs Redesign – Merijn Zee, Matthijs Moorkamp, Eric-Hans Kramer, Chris Sels


Supply Chain Ecosystem – Kevin Boyle, Sam Pless, Phela Townsend, Carolyn Ordowich


Food Justice Movement New Roots – Karyn Moskowitz, Rick Vanasse, Heather Hayden


Hosting conversations across political lines – Charles Heckscher, Hao Gong, Daniel Laskero


If you want to know what’s going on, and learn more about these exciting topics, stay tuned, webinar dates will be announced!

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