Webinar: Design and the Expression of Human Aspirations

Join our colleagues Don de Guerre and Bernard Mohr in this free webinar/dialogue for Plexus Institute, tomorrow  Friday Jan 13 at 1 pm EST.

Design and the Expression of Human Aspirations”


When people who work in organizations help create the design and structures that align with organizational purpose and values, the result can be centers of creative energy that are also productive and enjoyable places to work.

Bernard Mohr, who notes design is a verb and a noun, is co-author of  a new book, Co-Creating Humane and Innovative Organizations. His colleague Donald de Guerre, who believes workplace environments impact society at large, wrote the book’s chapter  “Open System Theory and the Two-Stage Model of Adaptive Action.”  De Guerre writs that treating workers as cogs in a big impersonal machine begins a process that “over time creates a dissociated superficial society in which fewer and fewer people vote and we are vulnerable to a new kind of feudalism.”

Join this provocative conversation!


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Bernard Mohr  is a change strategist, design practitioner, thinking partner and author and speaker on joyful and innovative workplaces. His clients have included global R&D corporations, governments and organizations in healthcare and post secondary education. His areas of expertise include change strategy in large, complex organizations seeking to become more agile, innovative and purpose driven through greater engagement of their people’s strengths. His work draws on socio-technical systems principles, design thinking, appreciative inquiry and large group processes. He is the author of five books and numerous articles on workplace innovation, quality and effectiveness. He earned an EdM degree for the University of Toronto and a Diploma in Human Resource Management form Columbia University.
Donald de Guerre is a professor in the Department of Applied Human Sciences at Concordia University  in Montreal where he teaches human systems intervention in graduate and undergraduate programs. He was previously manager of organizational effectiveness at Syncrude Canada Ltd, where he led a total organization in environments redesign process.  He has also worked internationally on development of democratic organizations in various industries and economic sectors.   He earned a PhD in human and organizational systems and a MA degree in organizational development from the Fielding Graduate Institute.
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