2017 Meeting Registration


Here is a reminder of our PROGRAM in Rutgers from September 11 to 15, 2017.

A. Confirmation of MEMBERSHIP Status



or USI (Ulbo de Sitter Institute)

Members pay substantially Reduced FeeFor Workshop(s) and Main Roundtable Meeting.For MEMBERSHIP, Click here
STUDENT  MEMBER To receive the significantly Reduced Student Rate Students (or Young Professionals) must first obtain Membership. Check out if you apply to this category, click here. 

For MEMBERSHIP, Click here

If necessary, Students/Young Professionals may also apply for Financial Support to attend the Roundtable and Workshop Events. Before signing up, contact us!

NON- MEMBER Non-Members pay regular fees

 Please note that we have 4 pre-conference workshops (1/2 day each) to choose from:
The main Roundtable Meeting fee includes 3 days – breakfast and lunch are provided all days, plus, Reception and Gala Dinner.

Do you have a question? Contact us!

Are you a Student or Young Professional? 

Who is a Student? – Anyone who is a full-time student in a masters or Ph.D. level degree program.

Who is a Young Professional? – Anyone who has been working, practicing/consulting, teaching, or conducting research for five years or less.

If you choose to attend the Main Meeting, you may also select 1 morning and 1 afternoon pre-conference workshop at No Charge.

If financial support is necessary for you to join our deliberations, please submit a brief statement outlining your interest, area of study, and your dream of future contribution to this email.  We have allocated 20% of standard fee revenue and recipients will be determined by the quality of statements.

B. Registration for Roundtable Events

EARLY registration ends on June 30th, 2017


EVENTS Current member of STS/RT Roundtable  or USI (Ulbo de Sitter Institute) To receive the significantly Reduced Student Rate, Students must first obtain Membership
1/2 day workshop

Tuesday a.m.

Early Registration








1/2 day workshop

Tuesday p.m.

Early Registration








Main Meeting


Early Registration









Total if you attend all events    

Early Registration








$300 *


*If you need financial support contact us

Please follow these steps:

  1. Find the fee that applies to you and select the tickets for the sessions you are attending.  Don’t forget to obtain your  Roundtable Membership! If applicable, buy a dinner ticket to include a guest for the Gala Dinner.
  2. Fill out the information to let us know your meal preference and your attendance to additional events.
If you have any questions, please contact us.


PAYPAL is preferred and will process most Credit Cards. Check addressed to ‘STS/RT’ is also possible. Students who request financial support will receive a code to apply it in the registration process. 

Thank you! We look forward to meeting you this September.

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MEMBER - Workshop 1 - Early Registration$100.00Theory & Practice of Business Ecosystems
MEMBER - Workshop 2 - Early Registration$100.00People Powered Innovation: An Introduction to STS Design
MEMBER - Workshop 3 - Early Registration$100.00Fusion of European & North American STS Design: A Work-in-Progress
MEMBER - Main Meeting - Early Registration$600.00

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Non Member - Workshop 1 - Early Registration$125.00Theory & Practice of Business Ecosystems
Non Member - Workshop 2 - Early Registration$125.00 People Powered Innovation: An Introduction to STS Design
Non Member - Workshop 3 - Early Registration$125.00Fusion of European & North American STS Design: A Work-in-Progress
Non Member - Main Meeting - Early Registration$800.00

Please fill in all required fields

Student - Workshop 1$50.00Theory & Practice of Business Ecosystems
Student - Workshop 2$50.00 People Powered Innovation: An Introduction to STS Design
Student - Workshop 3$50.00Fusion of European & North American STS Design: A Work-in-Progress
Student - Workshop 4$0.00PhD/MSc Workshop
Student - Main Meeting + Workshops$300.00This ticket includes the Main Meeting + 2 Optional Workshops

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Gala Dinner Guest$75.00

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