“Designing Collaborative Ecosystems”

Rutgers University: New Brunswick, New Jersey (near New York City), September 12-15, 2017


In today’s complex, connected and fast-changing world, organizations (e.g. businesses, government agencies, NGO’s) cannot scale or deliver socio-economic value without engagement with a broad set of participants and other systems in their external environment. As practitioners, researchers and theorists of systemic work design, we are learning that work within this context requires effective use of digital technology to enhance connectivity, and most of all, systems of unprecedented collaboration among diverse loosely-linked disciplines, communities, enterprises, and client/customers.

Our Objective for the 2017 Roundtable

We have the opportunity to partner with the Center for the Study of Collaboration in Work and Society at Rutgers University in continuing to increase our ability to learn, innovate, research, and contribute in Collaborative Ecosystems. Using common “touch-points” of the Center and STS RT like healthcare, education, social innovation, and mutual prosperity, we will first take a deep dive in Collaborative Ecosystems, with a focus on the healthcare sector, to get a better understanding of necessary principles, methods and knowledge in building an ecosystem with professionals, clients, (IT)- consultants and academics. Secondly,we want to explore the practice of building collaborative ecosystems in other fields (education, social entrepreneurship, etc.) to broaden our understanding: what general principles and methods are applicable to building collaborative ecosystems?


Our metaphor for this Roundtable is a collective learning journey in which participants work through a program sequence of ‘Why’, ‘What’, and ‘How’ to build collaborative ecosystems.

Take a look into the Program.


Tuesday, Sept 12, 2017: Pre-Conference sessions (on Ecosystem development, theories of Collaboration, etc.).

Tuesday evening: Opening session/reception.

Wednesday morning, Sept 13 to Friday afternoon, Sept 15: main Roundtable meeting.

Program contributions invited in a Call for Proposals will be delivered in 1 of 4 formats:

  1. LIGHTNING TALKS (10 minutes or so) on the theory and practice of ecosystems;
  2. WORKSHOPS (90 minutes or so) based on noteworthy case experiences of building collaborative ecosystems;
  3. POSTERS on theory or practice innovations, that can be displayed throughout the meeting;
  4. PAPERS on theory, practice or research available to participants in advance on our website.

As proposals are received, the Program Agenda will be updated regularly by the Design Team (Ezra Dessers, Joe Norton, Carolyn Ordowich, Ike Overdiep, Aaron Soto-Karlin, RickVanasse).

We are very pleased to announce that a Keynote Presentation will be given at this Roundtable by each of Prof. Charles Heckscher, co-Director of the Rutgers’ Center for the Study of Collaboration in Work and Society AND by Prof. William Pasmore of Columbia University and the Center for Creative Leadership. Also instrumental in the planning of this Roundtable has been Prof. Adrienne Eaton, Associate Dean of the School of Management & Labor Relations and co-Director of the Rutgers’ Center for Work & Health.


To read more about Registration dates, Accommodation and Travel, please check this document with important information.


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