Social Media and Organizational Transformation – Webinar

Join Pierre Ouellette in this Webinar on

Social Media and Organizational Transformation

on December 10th  from 12.00 pm to 1.30 pm EST.

Webinar Summary

Web 2.0 and social networks illustrate how Internet users establish relationships for the creation of collective intelligence through collaborative relationships. This phenomenon has become a way to imagine how knowledge is created, shared, managed and thrived upon using such technology.

The Arab spring events in Egypt and Tunisia show how the use of social media had an impact on this uprising and that a form of collective intelligence mobilized itself for the transformation of these societies.

How can this approach be applied to mobilize collective intelligence in organisations where constant change is the norm? How can a practioner in organizational change help an organization in the use of social media? Through the use of specific examples of interventions I have led in 2 multinational organizations, we will explore how social media helps in mobilizing collective intelligence in organizations so as to accelerate transformation.

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