Reflections on Leuven’s 2015 Festival of Connecting

By Bernard Mohr

On the day after the end of the festival I found myself in Bruges, Belgium with Benedict Monroe from Montreal, Ron Smith from Houston and my soon-to-become-later-on-the-trip-fiancé Karin Wagner (yes, her fathers name is Richard 🙂 . Slaloming  amidst an unexpected mid-september throng of fellow tourists we shared laughter, disappointments and mostly delights about the Festival. This day of shared cultural “gawking” and reminiscing was itself a delicious treat – as is often the case when we take time with friends to make sense of shared experiences.

The “gong” used by various people to call sessions to order was definitely the biggest any of us had ever seen or heard – worthy of inclusion in a Pat Moriarity “karate kid” film ! Highlights of the week for me included the summaries of progress by EUWIN (European Work Innovation Network) presenters as well as the largely symbolic signing of the Manifesto for GLOWIN (Global Organization and Work Innovation Network)… I say symbolic because those of us that signed it did so largely on faith since the text was in such small font as to require a 100 power microscope to read it :-)!

Of course (and I realize this is somewhat self promotional) I cherished the opportunity to distribute the flyer announcing the upcoming publication of “Co-Creating Humane and Innovative Organizations: Evolutions in the Practice of Socio-Technical Systems Design” as the first tangible “product” of the recently formed Global STS-D Network.

Thanks to all who helped and participated – particularly our european hosts !



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