Join us for a webinar on Designing Non-Routine Knowledge Net-Work Systems

 October 15th  at 12.00 pm EST


Work today is moving away from traditional hierarchical modes of coordination to lateral, network enterprises. STS theory has long had the foresight about how to design for this kind of net-work based on the prescient thinking of Eric Trist, Fred Emery, Cal Pava and others.

This webinar explores how to design for nonroutine knowledge work using Cal Pava’s deliberation analysis coupled with more recent network design methodology (STS V3.0). It is founded on STS First Principles for Collaboration that foster the best of human interaction and achieve an optimal fit with collaborative technologies to achieve innovative and humane net-work systems.

Join Carolyn Ordovich and Doug Austrom this October 15th at 12.00 pm EST. This webinar is free for members (with fees up-to-date), to register and to learn more about this webinar,  click here.

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