How to foster positive participative innovation?

Join us for a webinar on June 26th at 12.30 pm EST!

Positive Participative  Innovation (PPI) combines Design Thinking, Open Systems Theory, and Appreciative Inquiry practices to solve complex challenges while building a culture of innovation.

PPI is a set of ideas, tools and methods that turns our normal practice of improving human systems on its head.

In this webinar, Bernard Mohr, Don de Guerre and Douglas Austrom will provide an overview of this exciting new approach to innovation — an approach that unleashes everyone’s ability to design and create the futures we most want and need.

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Join our seasoned practitioners on this conversation about Positive Participative Innovation and learn this effective way to support innovation in organizations.

This is what participants that have learned PPI said:

The PPI workshop was an important milestone on my journey of discovering the STS Roundtable and the STS community.  I have already borrowed a number of tools that were used in the workshop…  -Khurshida Mambetova

PPI Workshop engages participants in a live-case study on how to purposefully pursue the creation of healthy, humane, and innovative futures… the PPI workshop was a hopeful experience. It was beautifully designed by DBD (Don, Bernard, Doug) and brought us together to build on each other’s strengths while experiencing work in a productive and innovative temporary organization. -Aurelia Roman

[It] serves as a reminder for all groups that we can already find richness and variety in our competencies and backgrounds. It also reminds us that people in the system are their own experts in finding solutions… I liked this process as it is fueled by passion and bold ideas. -Marcela Urteaga

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